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Editing Content in Quartz

Last updated Mar 2, 2023

# Editing

Quartz runs on top of Hugo so all notes are written in Markdown.

# Folder Structure

Here’s a rough overview of what’s what.

All content in your garden can found in the /content folder. To make edits, you can open any of the files and make changes directly and save it. You can organize content into any folder you’d like.

To edit the main home page, open /content/_index.md.

# Front Matter

Hugo is picky when it comes to metadata for files. Make sure that your title is double-quoted and that you have a title defined at the top of your file like so, otherwise the generated page will not have a title!

You can also add tags here as well.

title: "Example Title"
- example-tag

Rest of your content here...

# Obsidian

I recommend using Obsidian as a way to edit and grow your digital garden. It comes with a really nice editor and graphical interface to preview all of your local files.

This step is highly recommended.

🔗 Step 3: How to setup your Obsidian Vault to work with Quartz

# Previewing Changes

This step is purely optional and mostly for those who want to see the published version of their digital garden locally before opening it up to the internet. This is highly recommended but not required.

👀 Step 4: Preview Quartz Changes

For those who like to live life more on the edge, viewing the garden through Obsidian gets you pretty close to the real thing.

# Publishing Changes

Now that you know the basics of managing your digital garden using Quartz, you can publish it to the internet!

🌍 Step 5: Hosting Quartz online!

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